Difference between dewy and matte look

Before you wonder what dewy and matte looks mean, in this article, we are going to give you a lot of insights into this topic. By the end, you will know what matte and dewy look means. Also, the main differences between them will be covered too. So, let us dive in and know the Difference between dewy and matte look.

What is dewy look?

As the name suggests, ‘dewy’ look is more like dew on the grass in early mornings. It gives that soft, moist look on to the face. This results in showing the skin as well-moistured and supple kind of skin.

The moist finish of dewy look

What is matte look?

Matte is the exact opposite of what dewy is. Matte skin look doesn’t have any moist look on the face. This look is very non-reflective and does not have any strikingly shining or illuminating finish on the face.

Non-reflective texture of matte look

Factors to compare both looks:

To compare these two different looks, we have put forward a few of the factors. Thus, This will give a brief knowledge of how they both differ from each other.

1. Finish & Texture:

As the definition says, a dewy look gives a moisturized look on the face. It has a very shining texture on the face which is light-reflective and glowing. This look gives a natural appeal with radiance to the facial skin.

Whereas, the matte look has more of a powdery finish on the face. While it doesn’t look moist, it doesn’t dry out the skin either. It gives a striking finish on the face with a velvety texture.

2. Skin Type:

The main purpose of a matte look is to make the skin look non-oily. Thus, it is more suitable for oily skin than dry skin. Because it dries out the dry skinned face with its oil removing property.

However, anyone with dry skin can put on matte makeup with a gentle moisturizer.

In the same way, a dewy look is not suitable for anyone with existing oily skin. Because the dewy look might turn up into an oily face because of the excessive oil secretion. Usage of a mattifying moisturizer beneath the makeup can help to a great extend.

Dewy & Matte Products:

1. Foundation:

There are several foundations out there in the market for both dewy and mate variants in several shades. To buy the Maybelline Fit ME! Dewy Foundation, Click here

If you are so annoyed with your oily skin, choose the right matte foundation in the right shade. This will avoid your oily skin being a hindrance to your look. To buy the Maybelline Fit ME! Matte Foundation, Click here

2. Lipstick:

In the same way, how the foundations give a look, dewy and matte lipsticks works in a similar way. Dewy lipsticks are often called as ‘glossy’ and give a rich luster to lips. To buy the Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Lip Gloss, Pink Shine, Click here

Matte lipsticks give a bright and rich tint to the lips minus the luster. It is eye-catching and irresistibly makes your look attractive. To buy Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, Click here

In conclusion, you would have known the difference between matte and dewy looks. We hope you would have come across the product examples we have mentioned. To know what your skin type is, click here and choose the suitable kind of makeup.

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